Peter Fragiskatos
Peter Fragiskatos
Member of Parliament for London North Centre
MP Fragiskatos' Votes

It is important to me that I make every possible effort to be transparent with the residents of London North Centre. Part of that commitment is to be accountable for my voting record in the House of Commons.

Please click here any time to view my up-to-date voting record. You are also able to see how I voted on any particular Bill, motion, policy, or other piece of legislation. Should you have any questions about my voting record, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my office.

43RD PARLIAMENT, Session 2 (September 23, 2020-present) 

As of September 23, 2020, I have been present for all 40 votes, for a 100% voting attendance rate. 

43RD PARLIAMENT, Session 1 (December 5th, 2019-August 18th 2020) 

As of December 5, 2020, I have been present for all 20 votes, for a 100% voting attendance rate.


As of June 13, 2019, 1359 votes have occurred during this session of Parliament. I was present to vote on 1191 of them, which translates to approximately 87% voting attendance rate. Unfortunately, I had to miss one vote because of a flight cancellation due to inclement winter weather, and others while I was away from Ottawa on government business. Some votes were also missed due to rest periods during various opposition voting filibusters. 

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